Recreational Necessities Sure Grip System

Recreational Necessities Sure Grip System

vendor.2014.sure-grip.snowmobile.wheelbase.jpgFor more than 20 years, the focus of Recreational Necessities has been developing innovative solutions for snowmobile mobility.

2014 marks yet another evolutionary step forward for the Sure Grip system as we introduce a re-engineered wheelbase that is now 31% longer than the previous model. 

The additional wheelbase not only keeps the skis level and secure; it also adds additional stability for easier and more precise handling over a variety of challenging tasks and terrain. The longer wheelbase is the key to the latest innovation from the Sure Grip system, which holds the sled more securely in place and provides extra stability as you move across uneven terrain. 

The runners on your snowmobile are protected. Your driveway and garage surfaces won’t get scarred. And, most importantly, you won’t throw out your back wrestling your heavy sled around the garage. 

Sure Grip Dollies are 100% made in America and are constructed of solid plate steel, utilizing proven SURE GRIP Premium grade 5-inch solid rubber wheels mounted on graphite bearings. For a non-running sled, a swivel track dolly is included, The only question that remains is:

What challenges do you have for the SURER GRIPS?

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