Ride Area Review – GET YOUR RUSH ON!

Ride Area Review – GET YOUR RUSH ON!

location.2016.rush-off-road-park.side-x-sides-in-line-parked.jpg Rush Off-Road’s E.B. Lowman is a man with a vision. Last year in our visit to his creation, we got our first glimpse of his vision, and as an avid trail rider himself, he knows exactly what it takes to create an excellent off-road facility. And he’s just getting started.


This year we were able to make a return trip to Northeastern Kentucky to visit E.B. and the Rush crew. One advantage they have is location. They are centrally located and an easy drive from practically anywhere in the Midwest. Ashland, Kentucky, Portsmouth, Ohio, and Huntington, West Virginia are all less than an hour away, but by our count, 18 states are within a day’s ride. And when folks get here, riding is just what they’ll do.

Last year Rush could claim over 7000 heavily wooded acres, and almost none of them were flat. In fact, about the only flat areas are the three fishing ponds and the parking areas. That’s just the way we like it! In their first year Rush had over 100 miles of trails to test as well, but since then they’ve been busy with the saws and dozers and have continued to open new areas. It’s not the quantity of trails that people come to Rush for though, it’s the quality. They’ve got trails to test everybody and every machine. We were eager to try them all!

The park has always had a wide variety of riders, from ATV riders, to dirt bikers, UTV riders, mountain bikers, and rock crawlers with highly specialized, custom built machines. Rock crawling here is far different than in the bone dry deserts of Utah or Arizona, however. The rocks of the East are apt to be coated with slick moss, morning dew, and even running water. It takes the right combination of power, traction, and careful throttle control to conquer the nastiest terrain here, and there is never a shortage of riders ready to try it. Mud can also be found in the park, especially after a rain like the one that soaked us on our visit, but it’s a good idea to have a friend nearby with a tow line and winch before venturing into any water holes. Some can be DEEP! Rush gets the crème de la crème of off road machines and it’s where the big boys come out to play. During our visit we saw trucks and trailers from many surrounding states. Don’t get the impression it’s all about rock climbing at RUSH though; there is a good variety of open trails, play areas, mild hill climbs, and the list keeps growing. Additionally, there are three ponds for guests to fish on the property which is great for families and those who want to do more than just off road trail riding. It’s really an outdoor adventure park.location.2016.rush-off-road-park.side-x-side-on-dirt-road.jpg


We always like the view from the top, and Rush Off-Road has some very scenic overlooks. It’s their version of the big picture, but to the man with the plan at RUSH (Lowman), it looks a little different. He considers all the work he’s done at Rush so far as only the first phase of an off-road resort, and new trails and facilities are being added continually. Recognizing it’s about the total experience, Lowman’s master plan will include everything you could need for a weekend adventure. Already in place is a general store with basic supplies. A concession stand with a good menu is located in the general parking and RV area for your convenience, and there are a couple rental cabins for your stay. An RV park is in the works, but until that is done, you can stay on-site for FREE in your RV. Camping is always popular, but many guests also stay in ATV friendly motels close by. There are a good variety of restaurants close by as well, and we suggest you check out Tres Hermanos and RJ Kahunas restaurants outside of Ashland for some excellent meals.

A big part of the current and future plan is specialized events, and Rush holds many events throughout the year which bring in riders from everywhere to take part. Check out their web site for the latest info on scheduled events. The Southern Rock Racing Series, Woods Buggy Hill Climb Series, Mega Truck Series, Polaris Poker Run, Rush Annual Anniversary Bash each spring, and Mud Madness all are hosted here, and just like the rest of the park, there is more to come. That’s a common theme for E.B. and his crew!


Lowman and his crew could have hardly picked a better place to develop the Rush Off-Road Resort and they’re off to an excellent start. It’s already a favorite for many and we can’t wait to see how it continues to evolve. After all, just like Disney World was at one time, it’s all part of one man’s vision.

RUSH OFF ROAD PERMITS – $85/year – $35/week – $25/day

www.rushoffroad.com phone: 606-929-5552.

100 Four Mile Rd., Rush, KY 41168

Trailhead Store – 606-929-5552

E.B. Lowman – eblowman@rushoffroad.com

Recommended Hotels and Restaurants


Holiday Inn Express: 13131 Slone Ct, Ashland, KY 41102 (606) 929-1720

Hampton Inn: 1321 Cannonsburg Rd, Ashland, KY 41102 (606) 928-2888

Tres Hermanos Nunez 10951 Us Rte.60, Ashland, KY 41102 (606) 928-0022

Bella Fonte Italian Restaurant 1320 Carter Ave, Ashland, KY 41101 (606) 920-7682 

JJ Family Style Restaurant 5260 13th St, Ashland, KY 41102 (606) 325-3816



March 16, 2016

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