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OFF ROAD BODY ARMOR becomes a leader in aftermarket accessories for the KYMCO UXV 450.

OFF ROAD BODY ARMOR becomes a leader in aftermarket accessories for the KYMCO UXV 450.

26th July 2016, Marthasville, MO

OFF ROAD BODY ARMOR is quickly becoming a leader in the KYMCO UXV 450 accessories market with its expanding product line that includes two unique front brush guards, tree kickers/rock sliders, a rear bumper, and diamond plate bed rail covers.


The small company, now officially in its 7 month of business, has made its way across the country, and recently expanded into Australia. Owner, Kurt Driemeyer said, “We are extremely thankful for everyone who has supported us up to this point. We are a family owned business, which takes pride in building quality products for reliable off road vehicles like the KYMCO UXV 450.”

Off Road Body Armor builds all of their products by hand. They have teamed up with a few local welders, powder coaters, steel companies and dealerships to produce and deliver affordable, heavy duty body armor. Mr. Driemeyer said, “You can tell that customers are happy with our products when the good reviews continue to come in.”


A key design of Off Road Body Armor products is their ease of installation. They are designed to attach to the side by sides either by using holes already pre-drilled and threaded, or hardware already on the utility vehicle; thus, no necessary drilling or fabrication is needed.

John Bonner, a fabricator for O.R.B.A stated, “We have a lot of customers who use their KYMCO UXV 450 for purposes such as gathering firewood or to go hunting in the woods, and it immediately sends them straight to the website or a dealership to purchase a front brush guard and a set of tree kickers to protect their vehicles from getting their plastics broken or scratched.”

Not only does Off Road Body Armor want to become a successful company, it plans to create a well-known brand. The future Off Road Body Armor will include accessories for all other kinds of side by side and utility vehicles.

Off Road Body Armor is looking for dealers worldwide to sell their products. You can contact them through their website at or check them out on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.


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