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Scoot & Shoot – Hunting Buddies makes some great off-road vehicles.  Many of our greatest adventures have been on Kawasaki ATVs or their Teryx Side x Sides.  When talking to any of the Kawasaki staff, you sometimes get the feeling they’re proud of the machines, but they really just love to ride even more.  They build their vehicles for the adventure and they’re constantly looking for the next opportunity for an awesome ride.  So are we!  

There are few places better for incredible trail exploration than the Hatfield-McCoy trail system and when Kawasaki called with plans for a ride there, we were definitely in.  This would be more than just an opportunity to prowl around the mountains of West Virginia, however.  Kawasaki had teamed up with another great outdoor sports gear manufacturer, and after our ride, the crew from HOYT would be on hand for some quality time with their bows.  We love to hunt too, and that’s our definition of a great day!  A quick trip to Charleston, West Virginia hooked us up with the friendly staff from Hatfield-McCoy who dropped us off at the trail head where a fleet of Kawasaki Teryx4 machines stood ready.  After a brief overview of the vehicle, we headed out for the first part of the adventure.  It was going to be a great all-around outdoor experience.

Teryx4 750 Drive Time – Natural Habitat 

During the ride, it didn’t take us long to figure out the Teryx4 750 4×4 was right at home on the Hatfield-McCoy trail system.  Trail conditions varied from flat, smooth trails to rugged rock climbing and it was a true test of what the Teryx4 could handle.

Kawasaki wanted to make sure the new Teryx4 750 4×4 had the maneuverability for tight trails, and even with a second row of seats, at 86.1 inches, the Teryx4 is only 6 inches longer than a standard Teryx.  However, it’s a whopping 17 inches shorter than some competing models and on trails that demand maneuverability, this means far fewer three point turns.  It’s nimble and perfectly suited to tight, rocky trails.  It also has less tendency to bottom out when crossing obstacles like logs or ridges, especially with its very respectable 11 inches of ground clearance.  Excellent power steering that Kawasaki has dialed in perfectly makes the handing even better.  There is zero negative feedback through the wheel, but the steering is responsive enough you can maneuver quickly and precisely when needed.     

Dual A-Arms are used at both the front and rear of the Teryx4 and whether we were hauling a full load of passengers or riding solo, we were happy with the suspension.  All models are also equipped with Kayaba shocks, and at the rear each shock comes with piggyback reservoirs and preload, compression and rebound adjustability with 8.3 inches of wheel travel.  Front shocks vary by model, with only preload adjustability on the base model, but all others offer the same full adjustment features as the rear.  A rear sway bar helps reduce body roll and when pushed hard, the Teryx4 would lean into and out of the corner progressively with no abrupt snap or unexpected attitude change. 2013.kawasaki.with-hoyt.wayne-davis.shooting-bow-and-arrow.JPG

The Teryx4 750 4×4 gets its power from a 749cc, liquid cooled, 90 degree V-Twin fed by Electronic Fuel Injection and it’s got great torque.  The transmission is Kawasaki’s unique, centrifugal clutch continuously variable transmission (CVT) system which insures the belt will be under constant tension, reducing wear on the Kevlar impregnated belts.  On the trail, engagement is smooth with no sudden jerk or abrupt shock when the system engages.  The transmission features High, Low, Neutral, and reverse, and the Teryx4 transmission is the smoothest shifting in the sport.  When it comes time to engage 4wd, a dash mounted switch locks the front end into gear and there is even a differential lock if you really have a problem.  The engine has excellent throttle response and is matched perfectly to the driveline.  Under no conditions did the Teryx4 act like it was being overworked.  We also really appreciate that it is quiet enough to have a conversation with your passengers.  One of the best things about the Teryx4 though is the comfort.2013.kawasaki.with-hoyt.zomboe-target.undead-fred.JPG

It’s easy to become comfortable in the Teryx4.  The high-back bucket seats are plush, thick, and formed to wrap around you.  Both the front and rear seats are identical, although the front seats are adjustable.  The rear seats are slightly raised for a better view, and there is also a handy crossbar to grab.  Most importantly, there is also plenty of knee room, and three point belts keep everyone safely inside.  We also really like the tough, half doors that open and close perfectly.  The doors also offer the added benefit of keeping out any mud, sticks, or water.  Between the front seats is the gear shift lever, a handhold for the passenger, a parking brake lever, and even a pair of cup holders.  We also really like the center-of-dash mounted digital instrument cluster that displays speed, fuel level, an odometer, and other vital info.  

Kawasaki did a great job with the Teryx4 750 4×4.  It’s a solid machine that is stable, precise handling, very comfortable, bullet proof durable, and fun.  After a day of riding the Teryx4 and taking in the breathtaking views on the Hatfield-McCoy trail system, it was time to learn more about modern bow technology.  Kawasaki had partnered with Hoyt for this event, along with Realtree and Delta McKenzie targets.

On Target with Hoyt, Realtree, and Delta Mckenzie

Kawasaki likes to partner with other companies involved in outdoor recreation, and most trail riders love hunting too.  It’s all part of the outdoor experience!  For a little extra fun on this ride, we were treated to an afternoon clinic on bow hunting, thanks to the pro staff from HOYT ARCHERY.

HOYT is known for making world class bows and archery equipment and we were anxious to try out a modern, precision bow.  It’s been a while since we’ve shot a compound bow, and boy, have things changes in the past 10 years.  Hoyt’s modern bows are definitely works of metal and composite art, and every part of the bow has been designed for precision and to put your arrow on target.  Speaking of targets, it’s always fun to shoot at paper targets, but DELTA McKENZIE makes a full line of 3d targets with replaceable inserts in the target zone.  It definitely helps to shoot at a life-like, life size target so when a real buck comes under your tree stand, everything is very familiar.  Delta-McKenzie has more than just deer targets though, and they’ve even got a tough, foam zombie target called “Undead-Fred.”  We’ll stick to the deer. 2013.kawasaki.with-hoyt.compound-bows.JPG

The Pro staff at Hoyt made our day complete.  Hoyt set up a range and had a complete overview of their new products and after the presentation we enjoyed the new bows so much that we couldn’t stop target shooting.  They took a group of ATV/SxS riders and turned us into semi-professional target bow shooters.  Well, maybe we’re still just amateurs, but we had a blast doing it!  Every bow that we shot was extremely smooth, quiet and accurate, and out of all the journalists on hand – many from actual hunting magazines – we won the shooting contest!  

The Outdoor Experience

Kawasaki partners with other companies that they feel can help enhance the complete outdoor experience.  HOYT, REALTREE, and DELTA McKENZIE definitely fit that requirement, and we know the Teryx4 750 4×4 is ready to carry you to your favorite hunting spot or down any trail in style.  They’re the perfect outdoor partners, and it doesn’t get any better than a day testing a new machine, shooting a great bow, and riding the Hatfield-McCoy trails.

SPECIAL THANKS to JON RALL and the KAWASAKI CREW, MIKE PINKERTON and his team from HATFIELD-McCOY and the staff at HOYT ARCHERY!  Thank you all for your hospitality and for this riding and shooting adventure.  We appreciate all you do!

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October 19, 2013

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