September 21, 2017 – Things just got real, as BRP announced several new Can-Am side-by-side vehicles last night at its annual dealer show in Dallas, Texas.

September 21, 2017 – Things just got real, as BRP announced several new Can-Am side-by-side vehicles last night at its annual dealer show in Dallas, Texas.

September 21, 2017 – Things just got real, as BRP announced several new Can-Am side-by-side vehicles last night at its annual dealer show in Dallas, Texas. 
AGILE-ADVENTUROUS-CONFIDENT: After much anticipation, Can-Am has unveiled a family of 50-inch, two-person family of Maverick Trail side-by-side vehicles for adventure enthusiasts. Maverick family heritage. Can-Am DNA. A whole new way to explore. More than 100 Can-Am PAC accessories are ready at launch!
DEFIANT-PRECISE-POWERFUL: In addition, Can-Am has lifted the cover off of a couple new Maverick X3 family offerings: The Maverick X3 X rc Turbo R and Maverick X3 X rc Turbo specialize in tackling difficult terrain at “crawling” speeds. 
TOUGH-CAPABLE-CLEVER: The Defender utility-recreation family has grown by three, with the addition of a few specialty packages. The first is the head-turning Defender X mr HD10, which delivers on the brand’s leadership in mud-specific units. A new Defender X-TP HD 10 arrives with its own custom look and sportier package. The new Can-Am Defender Lone Star HD10 is badged for Texas and offers exclusive coloration and features.  

The Can-Am team created a new technology called Smart-Lok™, developed in conjunction with TEAM Industries, a market leader in the drive train industry. The ingenious fully-lockable on-the-fly front differential includes electronically-controlled automatic modes. That smart technology enhances the riding experience and amounts to traction in extreme conditions.


Going beyond what is expected. Over achieving. Answering the call.

Can-Am asserts itself once again by being more aggressive in its approach and making sensible decisions in growing its line of market-influencing off-road vehicles. The latest 2018 Can-Am side-by-side vehicles redefine adventure, functionality and recreation by not only meeting market and global demands, but also by delivering advanced specialty-use packages and segment-altering craftsmanship. The Can-Am brand’s industry leadership is abundantly showcased with the launch of a line of spirited 50-inch Recreational-Sport-class Maverick Trail vehicles, a family of Maverick X3 vehicles specifically made to excel in rugged terrain and three new purpose-built Can-Am Defender packages. Both the Defender X mr HD10 and Maverick X rc vehicles include an all-new state-of-the-art front differential system with Smart-Lok™ technology for unrivaled surefootedness.


Can-Am Side-By-Side Vehicles


Maverick Trail family

Recreational sport side-by-side enthusiasts’ reasons for riding may vary and change with each new adventure, but their vehicle shouldn’t have to. Enter the new 50-in. (127 cm) Maverick Trail family: Agile. Adventurous. Confident.

A choice between a sturdy 800cc (51 hp) and a strong 976cc (75 hp) Rotax V-Twin engines provides ample performance for recreational endeavors. The power is paired with a sturdy CVT Quick Response Transmission, Visco-Lok QE and Dynamic Power Steering to enhancing control, dependability, making the getaways more enjoyable.

A trail-designed Torsional Trailing A-arm-Terrain (TTA-T) rear suspension and double A-arm front suspension was engineered to supply an equal balance of performance, durability and comfort. The vehicle’s segment-leading wheelbase and its ample 10 inches of ground clearance and more than 10-in. / 10.5 inches of travel (front and rear) ensure great handling on the trails.

An unrivaled appearance — complete with Can-Am Maverick X3 styling hints and signature Can-Am DNA details — is sure to please new buyers as much as the spacious, segment-altering interior. A durable lightweight chassis, reduced maintenance requirements and a DIY maintenance friendly design give the Maverick Trail a leg up on trails and the competition. 

The Maverick Trail family consists of four models (Maverick Trail 800 / Maverick Trail DPS 800 / Maverick Trail 1000 / Maverick Trail DPS 1000). The vehicles are available in four color schemes The Can-Am Maverick Trail family of side-by-side vehicles comes well equipped (starting at $10,999 USD / $13,299 CAD) from the factory, but with more than 100 Can-Am accessories, owners can customize it to match their personality and needs.


The new Maverick X3 X rc Turbo R and Maverick X3 X rc Turbo vehicles are each purpose-built from the factory to excel in challenging terrain. A new industry-exclusive front differential system with Smart-Lok technology offers unrivaled surefootedness when the going gets super tough. With the popularity of ownership customization and recreational and competitive rock crawling on the rise, Can-Am — the official side-by-side vehicle of the ULTRA4 King of the Hammers rock-crawling race — built two different X3 rc packages to appease these rock hounds’ passion and budgets. 

The new 172 hp Maverick X3 X rc Turbo R and 120 hp X3 X rc Turbo (no intercooler) packages are all about meeting rock-crawling enthusiast’s strict standards. Can-Am engineers meticulously designed the X rc models to supply the utmost of maneuverability in rugged terrain, integrating items for occupant safety, convenience, huge traction, and high clearance. 

The Maverick X3 X rc side-by-side vehicles skillfully blend their industry-leading power, precision handling and unmatched comfort levels with a groundbreaking factory-installed, rock-discipline package to bring the brand’s dynamic riding experience to new territory. Defiant, precise and powerful for when the going gets extremely rocky!



Can-Am, an industry forerunner in delivering specialized innovation to the off-road market, brings three entirely new off-road riding experiences to its Defender side-by-side vehicle family further cementing itself as the leader in the Utility-Recreation segment.


The all-new, aggressive Can-Am Defender X mr HD10, with its aggressive and functional mud-ready design and new, state-of-the-art Smart-Lok front differential takes tough, capable and clever to new depths. An authentic mud monster, the muscular Defender not only reinforces the Can-Am brand’s leadership in the mud-riding spectrum, but it does so with unmatched styling, ergonomically friendly interior and unmatched engineering ingenuity.

The state-of-the-art Smart-Lok lockable front differential and large 30-in. (76.2 cm) ITP Cryptid mud tires, when mated to the existing 72hp Rotax V-twin HD10 engine, durable PRO-TORQ Transmission supply unprecedented levels of grip and sure-footed control in the mud. Ample cargo capacities and towing capabilities also ensure the Defender remains true to its roots as tough-as-nails worker while also providing incomparable mud mannerisms. 

Starting at $18,999 USD / $22,899 CAD, the specialized Defender X mr HD10 vehicle is available in either a Carbon Black & Sunburst Yellow finish or premium Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camo.

Designed equally with power, comfort and convenience, the 2018 Can-Am Defender XT-P HD10 easily provides on the family’s Tough, Capable and Clever promise, but does so with a distinctively sporty edge, FOX 2.0 Podium shocks and a stimulating Carbon Black & Can-Am Red finish. Its 72-hp Rotax HD10 V-Twin is specifically tuned for serious work, but also offers 61 lb-ft torque and peak torque at lower RPM for optimal delivery for recreational applications.


Dressed to the nines in its Carbon Black & Can-Am Red X Package configuration (seating trim, graphics), this utility-recreation animal is functionally outfitted with key components (integrated protective gear/cast-aluminum wheels/FOX shocks) to heighten the adventure. Three driving modes, an efficient power steering system and a proven PRO-TORQ transmission make the Defender XT-P vehicle a versatile performer for work and recreation. It has a starting price of $18,499 USD / $22,099 CAD.


The Can-Am Defender MAX Lone Star HD10 side-by-side vehicle delivers a tough, capable and clever composition with specific package enhancements designed to complement the swagger and grit of the modern Texas rancher and outdoorsmen.  Whether it’s exploring the rugged backcountry or tackling agricultural chores, the Defender Lone Star edition, with its one-of-a-kind identity, is the perfect tool for tackling any task.

The appropriately dressed Lone Star HD10 package, complete with “Lone Star” badging, receives all the 2018 Can-Am Defender side-by-side vehicle family improvements. This includes new front and rear arched A-arms and a sway bar for enhanced ground clearance and improved handling in challenging terrain. New, larger 28-in. (71.1 cm) Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires on 14-in. (35.6 cm) aluminum wheels are as functionally adept and durable, for the varying Texas terrain, as they are attractive. The muscular 72hp Rotax V-Twin-powered Lone Star HD10 vehicle includes a full hard roof, heavy-duty front steel bumper, custom seat trim, and painted Deep Metallic Black finish, giving it the proper look of a long, tall Texan. This tough customer starts at $19,499 USD / $23,499 CAD.



Smart-Lok – Full lockable on-the-fly front differential with electronically controlled automatic modes

  • A new industry standard, electronically controlled front lockable differential system with Smart-Lok technology ensures maximum traction and enhanced slow-speed maneuverability especially in challenging terrain. The Smart-Lok system, developed in conjunction with TEAM Industries, takes integrated intelligence to new heights and allows on-the-fly adjustments. The differential can lock and unlock on the fly no matter the speed, letting the driver focus on the trail.
  • Smart-Lok offers intelligent modes for different riding conditions. The brain controlling this industry leading technology is the Front Differential Module, gathering input from six key vehicle parameters. It analyzes front wheel speed from both sides, steering angle, accelerator pedal, gear position, engine torque and vehicle speed. Depending on the readings and the Smart-Lok system’s setting, the actuator will instantaneously initiate the locking of the front differential. The result is simple steering output (same as being fully open), allowing the driver to accurately conquer varying obstacles while maintaining momentum.
  • The driver has the option to select between four modes: 2×4 / 4×4 fully locked / 4×4 ROCK and 4×4 TRAIL. The preset ROCK and TRAIL settings are designed to enhance the off-road experience by offering a more customized feel to match to specific terrain, conditions and demands. Our engineering team further enriched the system by including hill descent control, which includes an Electronic Braking System (EBS) at all four wheels, for improved control and traction.


Can-Am SSV Lineup Colorations

  • White — Maverick Trail 800 / Maverick Trail 1000
  • Sunburst Yellow (painted) — Maverick Trail DPS 800 / Maverick Trail DPS 1000 
  • Can-Am Red — Maverick Trail DPS 1000
  • Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Camo — Maverick Trail DPS 1000 / Defender X mr HD10
  • Black & Octane Blue — Maverick X3 X rc Turbo (w/ black cage) / Maverick X3 X rc Turbo R (w/ blue cage)
  • Carbon Black (painted) and Can-Am Red — Defender XT-P HD10
  • Deep Metallic Black (painted) — Defender MAX HD10 Lone Star
  • Carbon Black & Sunburst Yellow (painted) — Defender X mr HD10



 2018 Can-Am Maverick Trail models are the first trail-specific Can-Am side-by-side vehicles. © BRP 2017



Can-Am enters trail segment with new Maverick Trail side-by-side vehicles


New technical crawling-specific Can-Am Maverick X3 X rc models


Three new specialized Can-Am Defender utility side-by-side vehicles


Dallas, Texas, Sept. 20, 2017 – BRP (TSX: DOO) unveils four new 50”-wide Can-Am Maverick Trail side-by-side vehicles at its annual dealer meeting in Dallas, TX. People can now enjoy the Maverick experience while accessing many public trails and tucked-away destinations with ease. With their innovative design and extreme agility, Maverick Trail vehicles enhance the consumer experience and allow people to explore the wild with confidence.

The Maverick Trail vehicle is conceived to bring one of the best trail experiences to people with its bold Can-Am Maverick X3 heritage and its ingenious convenience features. Every feature is purpose-built to maximize consumer comfort, vehicle stability, and handling – a must for people who are looking for a full day of adventures. 

“The Can-Am Maverick Trail lineup introduces our incredible X3 pedigree to trail exploration,” said Bernard Guy, Senior Vice President, Global Product Strategyat BRP. “People love riding trails because it’s an adventurous escape into nature to discover new destinations with friends, and these ingenious machines are built to maximize the user experience in every way.”

The fun doesn’t stop on the trail, though, as BRP also introduced two new technical crawlingspecific models for 2018 – the 172hp Can-Am Maverick X3 X rc TURBO R and the 120hp Maverick X3 X rc TURBO. Rugged crawling is extremely popular (and growing), and BRP went to the rocks to gain real-world insight from owners before finalizing the design.

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One critical takeaway for the best possible user experience was the need for a fully-lockable front differential. In response, the Can-Am team created a technology called Smart-Lok™*, which is an ingenious fully-lockable on-the-fly front differential with electronically-controlled automatic modes. That smart technology enhances the riding experience and amounts to traction in extreme conditions.

Maverick X3 X rc models are specifically designed for maximum maneuverability even at low speeds with a high ground clearance and large, specialized tires. They also come loaded with features for maximum protection including rock sliders, front and rear suspension protectors, and a front differential guard for enhanced defense against harsh terrain and rocks.

On the utility side of the lineup, BRP introduced three new specialty packages to its Can-Am Defender model family, each purpose-built for a specific, enhanced ride experience:


The Defender X mr HD10 is a mud-ready vehicle that’s built to tackle grimy conditions with ease. It also has a SMART-Lok front differential, and along with other tough and clever elements, is built from the ground up so people can conquer harsh environments.


The Defender XT-P brings performance to the workhorse-oriented Defender XT lineup, with upgraded shocks, multiple driving modes, and more. It’s an ideal balance between performance, comfort and convenience, and is packed with a sportier look.


The Defender MAX LONE STAR HD10 complements the swagger and grit of the Texas rancher and outdoorsman. It’s the perfect tool for day-to-day ranching tasks while making sure people stand out from the crowd. It features painted deep metallic black coloration, Lone Star trim, and heavy-duty components such as a steel front bumper and full hard roof.

For additional information and technical specs on these new models, as well as two all-new youth ATV models, visit

* Smart-Lok™ was developed in conjunction with TEAM Industries, a market leader in the drive train industry.  

About BRP

BRP (TSX:DOO) is a global leader in the design, development, manufacturing, distribution and marketing of powersports vehicles and propulsion systems. Its portfolio includes Ski-Doo and Lynx snowmobiles, Sea-Doo watercraft, Can-Am off-road and Spyder vehicles, Evinrude and Rotax marine propulsion systems as well as Rotax engines for karts, motorcycles and recreational aircraft. BRP supports its line of products with a dedicated parts, accessories and clothing business. With annual sales of CA$4.2 billion from over 100 countries, the Company employs approximately 8,700 people worldwide. 



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