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Tech Tip – Power & Light If you own an Arctic Cat 400 or Suzuki Eiger 400, chances are that you’ve experienced or at least heard of the flywheel failure that plagues these otherwise great ATVs. One minute you’re riding along and everything is running smoothly, and out of nowhere and for no apparent reason your engine coughs and you roll to a stop. You know you’re not out of fuel, but it doesn’t take long to realize you are out of spark, and that points to the dreaded electrical gremlins.

In some ways we would rather have a hole in the engine case than an electrical problem. At least the hole is easy to find. Electrical issues: not so much. The most common electrical failure on the Suzuki Eiger 400 and Arctic Cat 400 is with the flywheel, and when the magnets let loose inside a rotating drum, things can get ugly in a hurry. What happens is, over time, the additives in your oil attack the epoxy that holds the magnets inside of your flywheel, causing the magnets to release from the casing. A catastrophe soon follows as they grab hold of the nearest non-rotating chunk of steel. If your ATV simply stalls without causing damage to the stator or scattering chunks of magnet throughout the engine, you can consider yourself lucky. But odds are that there will be incidental damage to the stator, pickup, or more.

Until recently, the only option for repair was to replace your damaged or doomed flywheel with all new OEM parts which may or may not last any longer than what you had. After all, that’s what failed in the first place! Thankfully, the electrical gurus at RMSTATOR designed a kit with several new options to get your Arctic Cat or Suzuki 400 back up and running. The new RMSTATOR kits offer updated parts that are far more reliable and cheaper than the factory originals. In addition to a replacement flywheel that encases the magnets so they won’t come loose again, there are several different kit options that will cover EXACTLY what was damaged in your particular failure. That way you won’t be buying parts you don’t really

If you’re lucky and your flywheel was the only failure, they’ve got you covered. If your flying pieces of magnet scattered shrapnel hand-grenade style and damaged your stator in the process (highly likely), they’ve got a kit for that too. Of course, you’re likely to need the side cover gasket and the puller (we HIGHLY RECOMMEND using a puller -you can destroy the crankshaft otherwise). No problem! They offer those as well. And the beauty of it all is that through RMSTATOR you can purchase these complete kits that will fix your flywheel woes permanently for much less than OEM parts without the hassle of looking up multiple part numbers. It’s the way to go with electrical woe!

If you own one of the ATVs that use this engine, flywheel failure isn’t an IF, it’s a WHEN. Replacing your flywheel before it fails is a great way to keep money in your pocket and ensure that your 400 has a long and happy life. Visit to see which kit is right for you!


2002-2008 Arctic Cat 375, 400, TRV 400, TBX 400

2002-2007 Suzuki LTA/LTF 400 Eiger


RMSTATOR is even offering a 10% promotional discount for the next 60 days with this kit and for any other parts that they carry. All you need to do is give them this code: ATVMAGFLY 

In addition, they’ll also give you 5% cash back when customers are reviewing the last product purchased on ph: 1-877-838-1399

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December 18, 2015

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