The ALL NEW Kenda IBEX Tire, tested in extreme Enduro racing conditions

The ALL NEW Kenda IBEX Tire, tested in extreme Enduro racing conditions



The NEW Ibex tire was developed to stand up to the demands of Endurocross and Enduro racing. The new off-road tire from Kenda was tested in extreme Enduro racing conditions putting the new tread design and rubber compound to the test. The super sticky compound provides maximum traction in adverse conditions, making it the ideal choice when conditions get gnarly. The strategically designed tread pattern climbs over larger obstacles while maintaining traction in almost all conditions from soft and wet to dry hard terrain. The flexible, soft, lightweight carcass compliments the tread pattern allowing for greatest surface contact, meaning increased traction across all terrains.

The robust features and consistent traction in a variety of conditions make the NEW Ibex tire  a go-to tire for Enduro/Endurocross riders, as well as other off-road riders looking to tackle some extreme conditions. Jason Baldwin, Kenda’s Director of Powersports says “The IBEX shines on double black diamond trails that institute the pucker effect. This tire is for riders who smile when the terrain gets nasty. ”


Since it was founded in 1962, Kenda has operated under the core values of Honesty, Innovation,  Quality, and Customer Service. Over the years, Kenda has continued to develop and expand its  product offering to meet changing market demands. Today, Kenda is one of the world’s leading  tire and tube manufacturers for automotive, motorcycle, ATV, bicycle, wheelchair, golf cart, lawn  care equipment, trailer, skid loader, and agricultural vehicles. With factories all over the world,  Kenda is able to provide quality products to suit a wide variety of applications. For more information, please visit