Looking for a new Side x Side that’s capable of handling any trail you choose to explore, yet can help out around the yard or camp? Check out Yamaha’s new Wolverine RMAX2 1000 and RMAX4 1000 UTVs. Both are designed to do exactly that and more.


We’ve always been impressed with the Yamaha Wolverine. They’re well built, powerful, versatile, and reliable. The new RMAX2 1000 and RMAX4 1000 are built on that legacy, but with major upgrades in every area. Highlights on the two new models are:

  • All new, high-strength steel chassis optimized for rigidity over uneven, rough terrain, but also designed for excellent handling.

  • Long travel suspension with complete adjustability for a smooth ride.

  • New 999cc engine with multiple drive modes, Trail, Sport, or Crawl

  • Yamaha’s Ultramatic CVT transmission, backed up by a 10-year belt warranty.

  • Impressive hauling and towing capability, with 600 lbs. hauling, and 2000 lbs. towing, thanks to a 2” receiver hitch.

  • New styling inside and out, with automotive inspired features and build quality.

  • Technology integration with the Yamaha Adventure Pro Touchscreen, an Android powered GPS tablet by Magellan.

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Yamaha’s styling team gave the new Wolverine RMAX 1000 an edgy, more aggressive look both outside, and inside the cabin. It looks fast, even when parked. You can’t beat LED lights, and the RMAX has them at both ends, but at the front there are actually two sets. One pair is near the top of the hood, which makes it a pretty cool accent piece, and an additional pair is tucked in front of the radiator. A steel front bumper protects the front end, and body lines flow from front to back nicely, with tight bodywork seams. It’s inside the where Yamaha’s mastery of styling really shows.

The cabin styling crew at Yamaha really deserves more credit for their excellent work the last several years. They’ve created a space that is comfortable, yet also highly functional, and pleasing to the eye. Off-road interiors can often end up looking more like a race car. Not with the Wolverine RMAX. The dash has all the switches, controls, and a good-sized digital display exactly where the driver needs them, and in the center console position is the in-dash media center, accessory switches, storage pockets, and cup holders. Sightlines over the hood and outside the cab are very good. Points where your knees or body may touch the have been padded for extra comfort, and door interior surfaces were also sculpted to avoid any uncomfortable ridges or contact points. Some models even feature blue accent lighting at the floor and in the center console. We were especially happy to find the Adventure Pro housing is lockable, yet you can still remove it easily to carry when on foot. As a package, the interior styling is very automotive like, and very well done.

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The 850cc Wolverine engine has proven to be extremely reliable. The eight valve, parallel twin cylinder RMAX 1000 power plant is based on that engine, but with larger displacement giving it 108 hp. It’s more than enough to get the job done, and top speed should be 65 mph or more. Yamaha went with their Ultramatic CVT transmission which also comes with an unprecedented 10-Year belt warranty. The Yamaha CVT system also delivers all-wheel engine braking, but there is a major difference in power delivery options.

New on the RMAX2 1000 and RMAX4 1000 is a three position, selectable drive mode system. Called the Yamaha D-Mode, the system allows you to select one of three power delivery settings to match the terrain you are exploring. “Crawl Mode” is perfect for rock crawling, picking your way through tight woods, or any technical situations. This will be perfect for rock crawlers and Moab trail riders. “Trail Mode” gets you standard power delivery for normal riding, and “Sport Mode” is ready for when you want instant, wide open throttle response and to blast through corners. A switch on the dash easily lets the driver select the perfect mode for the terrain. Although the D-Mode system is not standard on base models, for a couple hundred bucks it can be easily added, and it is an accessory worth owning.

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Suspension is always more important than peak horsepower. Without a properly working suspension you’ll never be able to use all available engine power. Like the previous Wolverine models, the Wolverine RMAX2 and RMAX4 feature dual A-Arms at each corner. It’s the shock and tire packages where things get interesting, if not a bit confusing.

All RMAX models come with sway bars to limit body roll, and even the base model RMAX2 gets one of our favorite shocks, the supremely easy to adjust FOX 2.0 QS3. RMAX LE models come equipped with FOX IQS on the fly electronic adjustable shocks, and with the push of a button you can choose between a soft, firm or stiff setting. Yamaha was able to greatly increase suspension travel on the RMAX models, and the RMAX2 carries an impressive 14.2 inches at the front, and 16.9 inches at the rear. The RMAX4 is slightly less, with 14.2 inches and 13.3 inches respectively. The tire and wheel selection features even more variety.

Every RMAX2 comes with 30-inch tires on 14” wheels, and OEM tires are either Dirt Commanders or Maxxis Carnivores. RMAX4 models get 29-inch tires on 14” wheels, and they come with Dirt Commander or Maxxis Carnage tires. No doubt the variety of tire and wheel combinations was a result of Yamaha’s testing of what provided optimum performance in most situations. The Yamaha testing crew have always been sticklers about tires!

All RMAX models are equipped for work as well as fun, and a 2” receiver hitch stands ready to tow 2000 pounds. RMAX2 models can haul an additional 600 pounds in the tilting cargo bed, as can the RMAX4 but the bed is non-tilting. The reason is, the second row of comfy passenger seats can be tucked out of the way, creating additional bed space. It’s a clever solution!

One feature found only on Limited Edition models is a speed limiting key. It’s a simple way to control top speed for less experienced drivers. The second key is found under the hood, right next to an enormous, easily serviced air filter.

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Between the two and four seat versions, XT-R versions, and the LE models, there are six different RMAX 1000 models to choose from. Throw in different color options and accessory packages and the number of choices goes up geometrically. There is most definitely a Wolverine RMAX that would be perfect for you.

Crossover models like the Yamaha Wolverine RMAX2 1000 and RMAX4 1000 are all about versatility. They’re ready to work, but also capable of weekend play. The new RMAX models are built for more of both.

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Yamaha Wolverine RMAX 1000 Specifications

Engine 999cc in-line twin, 4-stroke, DOHC, 4-valve, 108 hp

Transmission Ultramatic V-belt with all-wheel engine braking;

Drive ModesAll: L, H, N, R – 2WD, 4WD, full diff-lock 4WD
XT-R/LE: Sport/Trail/Crawl throttle response modes

SuspensionIndependent double-wishbone a-arms front & rear

Shocks Base/XT-R: FOX® 2.0 QS3 piggyback shocks
LE: FOX® 2.0 QS3 piggyback shocks with FOX® iQS Intelligent Quick Switch valve control

TravelAll: 14.2″ front – 2 Seat: 16.9″ rear – 4 Seat: 13.3″ rear

Ground Clearance 2-Seat: 13.8″, 4-Seat: 13.4″

Brakes Dual hydraulic disc front & rear

Wheels & Tires 2-Seat Base: 30x10r14 GBC® Dirt Commander 2.0®
4-Seat Base: 29x9r14/29x11r14 (front/rear) GBC® Dirt Commander®

2-Seat XT-R: 30x10r14 Maxxis® Carnivore™
4-Seat XT-R: 29x9r14/29x11r14 (front/rear) Maxxis® Carnage™
2-Seat LE: 30x10r14 Maxxis® Carnivore™
4-Seat LE: 29x9r14/29x11r14 (front/rear) Maxxis® Carnage™

Turning Radius 2 & 4-Seat: 236″ (19′ 8″)

Stance 64 inches

Wet Weight 2-Seat Base: 1,845.3 lbs.
4-Seat Base: 1,993 lbs.
2-Seat XT-R: 1,876.1 lbs.
4-Seat XT-R: 2,050.3 lbs.
2-Seat LE: 1,884.9 lbs.
4-Seat LE: 2,059.1 lbs.

Bed & Towing 600 lbs. bed, 2000 lbs. towing-accessories

Winch Base: Optional, XT-R/LE: WARN® VRX 4500

GPS Base: Optional, XT-R/LE: Adventure Pro Touchscreen by Magellan®

Stereo Base & XT-R: Optional, LE: SSV Works dual 6.5″ door speakers

Speed Management Base & XT-R: none, LE: Keyed throttle limiting switch to 25mph

Warranty 6-month Limited Factory, 10-year belt

MSRP: 2-Seat Base: $19,799
4-Seat Base: $21,299
2-Seat XT-R: $21,999
4-Seat XT-R: $23,999
2-Seat LE: $23,299
4-Seat LE: $25,299

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October 1, 2020

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