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Trail Tested - Loud and Clear

The Amazing UCLEAR Helmet Communicator System
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Wayne Davis of our favorite off-road accessories have nothing to do with more power, better suspension, or conquering extreme terrain.  They’re about comfort or convenience, or sometimes they’re just cool!  One unique piece of equipment we’ve been using lately is the UCLEAR helmet communication system and after trying it, we’re hooked!

Head to Head

Helmet communication systems are nothing new, but many are bulky, they can’t be worn with a helmet, and they require extra cords.  UCLEAR has miniaturized or eliminated much of that, but make no mistake; the HBC200 system we tried is long on great features.   

The UClear HBC200 Force Powersports Communications System is the latest in helmet communicators with many key features such as boomless microphone, Bluetooth, high quality sound, extended battery life and multi-hop technology to name a few.  When the HBC200 kit arrived, we couldn’t get it open fast enough.  Inside we found the kit to be well packaged, with excellent directions for easy installation.  It was no problem threading the small speakers into our motocross helmets, and the speakers are marked for the side they belong on.  Both speaker pods fit snugly into the open ear space common to every motocross helmet.  Rather than a standard microphone, the UClear speakers actually contain a boomless mic that pics up your voice any time you begin to speak.  The master control unit easily clips to the side of the helmet using the included hardware.  All we had to do was charge it up and hit the trails.vendor.2014.uclear.hbc200.speaker-in-helmet

Before long we were in the woods and having a ball!  The UClear HBC 200 is easy to operate and allows you to concentrate on the trail ahead, even while having a conversation with another rider.  We found the speakers to be very clear and your conversation was not chopped up like an old CB radio.  You simply speak naturally like you’re in the same room as your buddy.  While testing (or playing), we were able to try the UClear in multiple conditions to be sure that the HBC200 functions up to our standards.  In all situations, it worked amazingly well, and the only circumstance that gave it a moment to pause was extreme wind.  If you’re really going fast and you don’t have any type of windshield or goggles, the VOX override will let in outside noise for a moment until your voice is detected, then you will hear whomever you are riding with.  Under normal riding conditions, it worked excellent.  Battery life was impressive as well!  Regardless of temperature, we were able to get at least a full day of riding or listening to music with battery power to spare.  It was great being able to listen to our stored music or Pandora radio without getting cut off halfway through the day! 

The UClear HBC 200 kit is far more than just a way to talk with another rider though; it can be connected to your iPhone to play back your favorite tunes while you ride.  It can also be a great tool for trail safety, allowing the lead rider to communicate with other riders in the group.  On the North Country trails, it can be very easy to lose part of your group and now we can keep track of everyone.  Should something happen to a rider, they wouldn’t be left behind and thanks to the UClear system, help would be on the way quickly.  Due to something called “multi-hop technology” the system also allows you to get extended distance by bouncing from one HBC200 to another, just like many military communications use.  The UClear is a clever tool!  Highlights of the UClear are:vendor.2014.uclear.hbc200.full-set.JPG

  • Multi-Hop Technology – military style technology designed for group communications.  Provides superior sound quality and connection stability.
  • Network can grow by adding units/riders to the group.  
  • Typical intercom range between two riders is up to 700 meters. Adding a third unit/rider increases the intercom range to an additional 700 meters. Add a fourth rider and the entire group can communicate up to 2100 meters (1.3 miles) in full duplex intercom mode.  Music Enjoyment - Unique speaker design delivers HiFi grade music 
  • Splash, rain, dust and snow resistant.  Operating temperature from -30ºC (-20ºF) to 60ºC (140ºF) ensures reliable operation even in extreme weather. 
  • Latest Bluetooth technology allows you to make and take cell phone calls  
  • Boomless mic, high-quality speakers, and noise suppression and patented ABF® technologies eliminate road and engine noise

A New Trail Buddy

We’re always looking for new products to make our ride more enjoyable, but usually it’s a part for our ATV or Side x Side.  After checking out the different systems UClear offers, we’re glad we gave the HBC200 Powersports Communications System a try.  It fits in great on our rides, it works great, and we love riding with it!

HBC200 Force Powersports Communications System

Msrp: $ 219.95


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