Trail Tool Review – The Woodsman’s Pal

Trail Tool Review – The Woodsman’s Pal

vendor.2015.woodmans-pal.knife.cutting-corn.jpgOne would be hard pressed to argue that the knife is nothing less than the most important tool ever developed. With our original crude knives hewn from a sharp rock, then later bone, copper, and finally the specialty metals or even composite materials of today we’ve gone from hunters on the savannah, to farmers, and finally to modern man. Still, the knife of today would easily be recognized by our ancestors despite its continual evolution. It has been and always shall be the most basic yet highly functional of tools.

One company that has continually strived to upgrade the knife in both form and function is ProTool Industries, Inc. of Pottstown, PA. ProTool Industries is a second generation family owned business and they’ve been building knives since 1941. Along the way they’ve introduced products for the military, nursery owners, boat owners, and regular Joe ATV riders for everything from cleaning game to cutting trail. In fact, that’s how we got to know the ProTool products.

On a recent trail clearing and cleanup operation in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula we had a chance to put the Woodsman’s Pal machete to the test. There is just something about wielding a machete that makes you want to begin hacking away at any intruding brush or branches, and that’s exactly what we did. We waded into the woods, whacking away like a scene from Indiana Jones. It didn’t take us long to discover the Woodsman Pal is tougher than we are though; cutting trail can be hard work!vendor.2015.woodmans-pal.knife_.jpg

The Woodman’s Pal Military Premium land clearing tool we tried is no one-trick wonder. It’s a combination ax and machete in one extremely well made tool with multiple functions, and anyone who has had to deal with overgrown vines will love the little vine cutting loop at the end of the blade. Overall size is about the same as a framing hammer (17” long and 22 oz.) which makes it easy to wield, and it has enough force to cut through most branches with ease. As with any machete, you’ll want to be very careful not to injure yourself or anyone else with glancing blows, and be sure to wear proper attire for the work ahead. Think heavy jeans or chaps, and good work boots. We especially like the protective loop around the handle on the Woodsman Pal. It serves as a protective structure against any cut limbs while the stacked leather handle provides excellent grip even when wet. The blade of the Woodsman Pal is high-quality carbon steel, and to keep it protected there are sheaths available in a modern nylon style, traditional cow hide leather, or even a retro canvas style like grand-dad carried when he hit the beaches on his island hopping campaign during WWII. He was tougher than you are too. To keep a fine edge not only on the Woodsman Pal but on your other blades there is even a small hone available as well.

Each Woodman’s Pal tool exhibits the highest quality materials and American workmanship, built by seasoned craftspeople who take pride in a job well done, just like they have for six decades. The tools also come with a 100% lifetime guarantee, and can even be engraved. It’s an extremely handy tool we’re constantly finding new uses for. It’s both ancestor and modern man approved!


Phone: 1-800 708-5191 or 484-945-5001

April 22, 2015

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