Ride All Winter Long

You need SuperATV’s Cab Heater because your Side x Side is made to ride in the winter, even if you’re not.  The SuperATV heater draws engine heat directly from the coolant lines to heat your cab just like a traditional car heater does.  That means it is proven technology.  Installing the SuperATV Cab Heater kit is easy.  Included in the kit are hoses, drill-bits, and model-specific mounting plates to make it as easy as possible to get your heater up and running, and you back on the trail.  With the heat control unit mounted on the passenger side and a vent for the driver’s side, you get balanced cab heating right where you want it.  The SuperATV kit comes with a high-quality control unit connected to premium quality radiator hoses rated from -40°F to 285°F.  With adjustable temperature and fan speeds, there’s no reason to park your Side x Side for the winter.  It just might become your favorite time to ride.


Defrost Your Windshield

SuperATV recognized defrosting the windshield was also going to be a requirement for any winter riding.  Along with the three cab vents, the SuperATV cab heater kit includes two defrost vents and the hardware to install them.  It’ll keep your windshield snow, ice, and fog-free while plowing through the powder.  To maintain your machines factory-built image, defrost vents are routed through the vehicles dash, exactly like they do in your truck.  It’s clean, out of the way, and it works. 

Keep Your Cab Comfortable

Riding at any time of the year is all about comfort, but it’s most critical in winter.  You and your passengers need to be warm and well protected.  The SuperATV Cab Heater kit is designed to make your cab comfortable for all day adventures.  That means that no matter how hot your engine gets or how cold it is outside, the heater and its components can handle it.  The SuperATV heater kit doesn’t just make your cab more comfortable – It’ll expand your riding season and make long winters a little easier!

Need More Protection?

To get the most out of your SuperATV Cab Heater kit, nothing beats the full protection and climate-controlled comfort provided by a set of doors.  SuperATV has the parts, tools, and experience to make your Side x Side a winter-beating beast.  Check out their extensive selection of roofs, doors, front and rear windshields, and other accessories designed to make winter riding better. 

Plowing through fresh winter powder is a great way to enjoy your Side x Side year-round.  Blasting through drifts and snow-covered forests presents an entirely different experience than any summer riding.  Your Side x Side is an all-weather machine.   With the right protection, don’t miss giving winter riding a try. 


January 15, 2021

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