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Custom Cart Spare Tire Carrier - Great Day - UVCCPR705 STC

For UTV’s, Electric Vehicles, or Custom Golf Carts that have a 36 Inch – 50 Inch Rear Roll Cage Width.
The Custom Cart Power-Ride Spare Tire Carrier is designed to mount horizontally across the rear roll cage of a UTV, EV, or Cart with a 36-50 inch roll cage width.  No Drilling is required for installation.  The custom cart power ride spare tire carrier is attached to the rear roll cage of the UTV / Cart and then the spare tire is placed and held on with two mounting studs, supporting back plate, and secured with easy-grip, fluted wing-knobs.

UTV Roof Rack

Fits the ODES Dominator X2 and ODES Dominator X4 UTV’s
Utility vehicles didn’t get their name by accident, they are designed to work-and one of their most important jobs is to haul cargo. There are times though when bulky, hard-to-handle loads such as bags of duck decoys, deer decoys, treestands, camping gear, etc. can be a challenge.  

Quick Draw UTV Shooting Rail

One of the quickest hunting setups on large green fields or cutovers is to back a UTV into the edge of the trees or brush, use the natural camouflage or throw a piece of camo material over the front and you are ready for action.  Great Day’s UTV Shooting Rail mounted between the front vertical frame bars provides the perfect shooting rest for making long, accurate shots!

The QuickDraw Double Crossbow Rack

Made With Pride in the USA!
With the growing popularity of crossbow hunting, UTV owners have encountered difficulty in safely transporting crossbows on their vehicles.  Great Day’s Double Crossbow Rack is the perfect solution to the problem---it transports two full-sized crossbows securely held in place on a unique cradle mounted to the upper rails of the UTV bed.

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