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Seizmik UTV Accessories

Seizmik Armory X Rack and Armory SST


The Armory SST gun case (MSRP $199.99) and the Armory X Rack (MSRP $159.99) work in tandem to store and transport two weapons (requires two Armory SST cases and one Armory X Rack). The design of the system positions the cases over the dump bed of most vehicles, leaving the bed clear for gear or game. With the cases locked in place on the rack, the guns are always pointed up and away for superior muzzle control. The Armory SST offers a unique locking hinge which keeps the case open, freeing up both hands to place, retrieve, or work on the gun while in the case. The shape of the case will accommodate any long gun up to 52” and ARs with or without optics. Moveable foam blocks inside the Armory SST case keep the weapon firmly in place, assuring nothing makes contact with the sights or optics even over the roughest terrain. There’s even enough room inside the Armory SST to store extra rounds, equipment, or cleaning supplies.

The Armory SST case is easily installed or removed from the Armory X Rack without the need for tools. A durable, glass-filled nylon lever is large enough to easily operate with gloves or mittens, and once released, the case lifts right out. With the Armory X Rack attached to both sides of the dump bed, its stiff, rigid, and strong—staying securely attached to the vehicle no matter how aggressive the terrain gets.

Seizmik Enters the hunting market with a BANG!

UTV accessory innovators introduce a new line of gun holders designed specifically for UTVs.
Seizmik, the leader in UTV accessory innovation, announced a new line of gun holders designed specifically for UTVs. The North Carolina based company, which prides itself on bringing uncompromised design to its line of UTV and Side by Side accessories, will offer four different products to UTV owners looking for safe and secure transportation of their weapons.

Seizmik Accessories for Polaris General

Gear up your Polaris General with Seizmik's 5-Star accessories! 

We've got you covered from front to back with our windshields, racks, doors, and dust panel. 

Windshields are available in vented and unvented versions made of uncoated or 2-side hard-coated polycarbonate. The custom-cut hard rear dust panel is made of uncoated polycarbonate and is a must-have to keep blow-back from clouding up your ride.

We offer both a hood rack and a dump bed rack to almost double your cargo capacity, while keeping tools and gear secure and safe. Both are made of heavy duty powder-coated steel. 

Our framed door uppers are the perfect way to finish off your cab. With large clear vinyl windows that roll down into integrated storage flaps, you'll have convenient protection all year long.

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