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Winches and Towing

Warn Industries Announces All-New VR Series Winches

Portland, OR (11/1/16) – Warn Industries has announced the release of its redesigned VR series of winches for trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs. Warn is taking the winches to the next level with a unique new design, best-in-class performance, and upgraded durability.  WARN® VR winches are designed, engineered, and tested by WARN engineers. They rise above generic, no-name winches and have features that put them at the head of the pack. New Features, New Levels of Performance All WARN VR winches now have upgraded electrical control in the form of a genuine Albright® contactor in place of solenoids. These waterproof contactors are the best on the market and provide unmatched durability, reliability, and control.  

Warn Industries Updates its Lineup of Heavy Weight Winches

97730 M15-S_003.jpg
Portland, OR (11/1/16) – Warn Industries’ Heavy Weight Series winches will now be available with lightweight, easy-to-handle WARN Spydura® and Spydura Pro synthetic rope, a WARN Epic Hook, and a polished hawse fairlead. The winches, available in 12,000, 15,000, and 16,500 lb. capacities will still be available with wire rope, but buyers will now have the choice to go with a lighter, easier-to-handle synthetic line option. Models equipped with Spydura rope receive an “S” designator (e.g. M12-S, M15-S, 16.5ti-s). Plus, all models now have waterproof Albright® contactors for the ultimate in electronic reliability and control. Additionally, WARN winches sold after Nov. 1, 2016 in North America now also include a limited lifetime warranty on mechanical components and an industry best seven year warranty on electrical components.  

Warn Industries Unveils New Epic Recovery Kit

Premium winching accessories in a durable, modular backpack
Portland, OR (11/1/16) – Warn Industries’ groundbreaking Epic Winching Accessories are now available in one complete recovery package. The WARN® Epic Recovery Kits include an Epic Snatch Block, two Epic Shackles, an Epic Tree Trunk Protector, a Premium Recovery Strap, and WARN winching gloves. These items come inside the all-new, modular Epic Backpack that doubles as a winch line damper and is as durable as it is stylish. The Epic Backpack also lets users keep their hands free for better balance on uneven terrain while moving between the winch and anchor point.  Two Kits Available The Medium Duty Epic Recovery Kit is for winches with capacities under 12,000 lbs.; the Heavy Duty Epic Recovery Kit is for winches with capacities under 18,000 lbs. Both kits include:  

Warn Industries Releases New Ascent™ Bumpers for New Ford Super Duty, Latest Toyota Tacoma

95460_Ascent Bumper_2014-15 Ford F150_002.jpg
Portland, OR (11/1/16) – Warn Industries has released its Ascent Front and Rear Bumpers for the all-new 2017 Ford Super Duty and the 2016–2017 Toyota Tacoma. These bumpers offer a low-profile design with exceptional durability, rugged good looks, and improved off-pavement capability for these popular pickups.  Ascent Bumpers offer improved functionality and complimentary styling in one package. And with a precise fit, robust steel construction, and the ability to accommodate oversize tires, these bumpers can help improve performance off the pavement while looking great. The angled design sits high to maintain maximum ground clearance and approach/departure angles to maximize off-road performance. Front bumpers feature built-in winch mounts to accommodate WARN mid-frame winches up to 12,000 lbs.—including the ZEON and ZEON Platinum—and have welded eyelets for recovery shackles. The rear bumpers have built-in corner steps for easy access to the truck’s bed. 

Warn Industries Now Offers Industry-Leading Truck Winch Warranty

Limited lifetime warranty on mechanical parts; seven year on electrical components
Portland, OR (11/1/16) – Warn Industries, the world’s most well-known manufacturer of vehicle recovery winches, has announced it is now offering the most comprehensive warranty in the industry by extending the coverage on electrical components for all truck winches sold in North America. This new limited warranty will apply to winches sold after November 1, 2016 and will cover electrical components for seven years for the winch’s original purchaser. Previously, Warn winches had a one year warranty on electrical parts. Warn will now have the most complete winch warranty in the business when paired with its limited lifetime warranty on mechanical components.   This change affects 45 models and includes the next-generation of VR series winches, the ZEON and ZEON Platinum winches, Heavyweight Series winches, along with all of the Ultimate Performance and Premium Series winches. Warn has always been committed to innovative product designs, in-house engineering, testing, and superior component selection. 

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