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Articles and destination reviews of popular ATV Trail riding locations in North America as well as traveling and camping tips 

Ride Area Review - Spearhead Trails

Wise County Welcome
Written By: 
Moxie Karasek

No matter how great or small, all things first begin with an idea. All it takes is a little inspiration combined with dedication to make the idea a reality. That even holds true for activities like building a trail, and in the case of Virginias new Spearhead Trail it all began with one lady and a hardware store, an EZ-Go golf cart, and a town council that could see bigger possibilities through the trees.

Ride Area - Windrock Tennessee Treasure

Written By: 
Moxie Karasek

Our weekend visit to Windrock Park, just outside of Oliver Springs, TN, began on a warm, sunny day with anticipation of an exciting time ahead. It was the kind of day great for trail riding. Rain from the night before would make the trails dust-free and maybe even a little muddy in spots. The scent of the wet leaves and wild flowers was all around us as we rode to the park office, camp sites and cabins, and towards the trail head.

Ride Area Review - Rush Off-Road

An Adrenaline Rush in the Bluegrass State
Written By: 
Moxie Karasek

Almost every rider loves to explore new trails and get up close and personal with Mother Nature. Sometimes though, it’s just about the rush. The thrill of making it to the top of a huge hill, flying over a jump, or conquering a watery mud pit where others have failed always delivers a shot of adrenaline to the spine. We’ve all been there, and once tasted, you’ll never get over the addiction. As we said, sometimes it’s about the rush. Recently we found a new riding area capable of delivering those thrills but also much more. Its name, appropriately: RUSH OFF-ROAD.

Trail and Travel Special - 2014 Ride Guide

Try a New Trail!
Written By: 

We’re often asked about great places to ride. There are thousands of miles of trails, forest, dunes, and desert to explore. With summer here, it's time to gather up your family and gear, load up the trailer, and set out for a little off-road vacation. We've picked out a few of our favorite places, and by no means is our list complete, but regardless of where you live, there is a riding area near you. Go make a memory!

Trail and Travel Special - ATV and UTV Festivals for 2014

We'll Find a Jamboree for You!
Written By: 

A sure sign of summer is the kickoff of annual festivals celebrating everything from fowl, at the Wayne, Nebraska chicken show “Cluck Dynasty,” to cow chips at the “Tournament of Chips” parade and cow chip throwing festival in Wisconsin. Difficult as it may be, I’m pretty sure we’ll miss those two bastions of high-jinx and hilarity, but there are plenty of ride festivals to help us soldier on. Ride festivals are a chance to spend time with friends, to make new friends, and to experience great trails across the country. Here’s our list of some of the best. See you there!

Ride Area Review - American Adventure

An Awesome Adventure Ride Outside Vegas
Written By: 
Moxie Karasek and Rick Engle

When astronaut Buzz Aldrin stepped down from his Lunar lander and turned to face the stark, vast beauty of the moon, his first words were, “Magnificent desolation.” I’ve often thought of those words when comprehending the enormous open spaces of the western desert. It’s a world not unlike the surface of the moon or some distant planet, where the views go on forever, and both the sun during the day, then a billion stars at night hold supreme, unchallenged domain over the rocks, valleys, and mountains.

Ride Area Review - North Country Rivers

The Maine Attraction
Written By: 

A sure sign that we’ve found a great riding area is when we consider moving there. The list of those areas is short, with places like Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Oregon and Utah, Colorado’s Western Plateau, and now Maine.  Maine has almost 8000 miles of trails, thanks to cooperation with state and local officials, gracious land owners, and the tireless work of active clubs.

Trail & Travel Special - Off-Road Trip

Our Nationwide Ride Guide

Summer is the perfect time for a road trip, especially if it’s part of an off-road trip.  Wherever you live, there is almost certainly a great riding area and plenty of trails to explore within a day’s drive.  Whether you’ve got an afternoon, a weekend, or a week for your adventure, we’ve created a guide about some of our favorite riding areas and what you can expect to find at each location.  Gather up your friends and family, load up the truck and trailer, and head out for some quality trail time.

Dirty Fun - Mudocross & Mayhem

US-27 Hosts Their Annual Summer Mudfest
Written By: 
John Arens

There’s nothing quite like a mud bog to put a smile on an off-road lover’s face.  Part carnival, part amusement park, and part show and shine event, rallies and mud runs are all about fun.  Where else can you browse custom machines, feel the power as drag racers rocket by, marvel as riders wallow through a mud course, and for a grand finale, watch girls wrestle in the pit, all while munching down on a chili dog and pretzel slathered in mustard.  It ain’t heaven, but it’s close!    


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